Landscape lighting can have many benefits, from completely changing the way your landscape and home look by promoting all of the details and landscape features that would have otherwise been missed to things such as creating a safer and more secure home environment. 


Landscape Lighting is known to improve the curb appeal of your home. On top of you loving your landscape every time you see it, those passing by will also take a second or even a longer first look to appreciate the lighting and landscape. Lighting is also known to increase the sale value of your home.

Landscape Fence Post Lighting


Lighting up your landscape helps to provide additional home security by ensuring there are no dark spots and by drawing attention to the home of those passing by which in the case of someone unwanted on your property they would be much easier seen as opposed to in the darkness of the night.


Safety is a priority at home. Using landscape lighting we are able to light up walkways, staircases and even those hard to see height changes / uneven pavement spots to prevent a tripping hazard. 

Landscape Lighting behind a pool


We can design, install, and maintain your outdoor sound systems. We install Sonos and Bose systems to give you the best outdoor experience possible. All sound systems are directional and designed to keep the sound in your yard and not in your neighbours.


The design process starts with an initial consultation at your property where we’ll develop a plan that meets your objectives. Once you’ve met with our Project Manager you’ll be presented with an overview of the design, development and proposal. We can design and install the perfect sprinkler and lighting system utilizing the very latest technology that enhance your property. All our products are Contract Grade Products and come with full warranties.